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No. 97 1971



This is the first issue of  the Monovian for a year, and it seems to us that the difficulties encountered in producing the magazine, reflect the way the life of the school has deteriorated lately. A former editor of this magazine wrote in his editorial "The school includes voluntary societies where individuals quench their enthusiastic thirst in topics ranging from Stamp Collection to the investigation of Ferroequenological Activity". Who would believe that the author was referring to Monoux in 1967? In four years that range of topics has lessened immensely; the Ferroequeno-logists however still continue to meet, albeit merely as the Railway Society. Moreover, who could possibly describe anything or anybody at Monoux in 1971 as "enthusiastic". The lack of interest in the school outside of the 35 periods of a week (and possibly within them as well) is such that the only desire people seem to have is to leave the premises as soon as possible each day. A school is more than just a building of classrooms and the activities taking place within it should not, therefore, be limited to lessons. The life of the school, however, only exists as a result of constructive effort by everyone within it. If this effort was made we are sure that everyone would find their time at the school far more interesting and satisfying than at present. We can but hope that the few people who have been so active of late will increase in number and find more outlets for their energy. In the end though, it is up to all of us to interest ourselves in what is happening around us, otherwise our future is nothing but a "set grey life and apathetic end".


M.B. and d.M.B.