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Each year a ceremony is held in the Memorial Quadrangle at Monoux in memory of the 150 fellow Monovians who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 war, the 1939-1945 war, and the Falklands war 1982. All Monovians, whether members or not, are invited to join with us on this occasion.

'I know you are there
When I feel a breeze, I know you are there.
A shining star in the dark night sky, I know you are there.
The midday sun blinds my eyes; I know you are there.
The freezing snow bites my toes; I know you are there.
I see the blooms of spring; I know you are there.

'The glorious colours of summer remind me, you are there.
The autumn leaves have fallen; I know you are there.
My only wish is that you where here, and not over there.'














The 1914-18 War

H P Alexander
H B K Allpass
E T Allpass
A S Archer
A S Armstrong
S A Baker
V P Bayne
M W Braithwaite
E B D Brunton
L Champ
R C Chilvers
G T Clarke
R T Colling
P O Cooper
A V Cox
F Cubitt
H Dean
C Deards
R G Denton
J H Dodsley
H H Dongray
F W Dunstan
J H J Fowles
H R Foxton
P A T Godley
G L Goodes
D O Hardwick
L C Hickey
A E Howes
E S Hyde
S W Jones
T H Kirk
F W Legg
W R Lloyd
P E Luckock
H Marshall
D A Mead
C A Montague
O G Newmarch
D J H Oswald
F H Peace
J A Pearson (staff)
W H Peek
A B Penn
L M Pibel
H R Pracy
F J Pritchard
T Pruden
H Randall
L St C Read

G M Reeve
A H Robbins
J C Roy
E Schwartz
W A Scruby
S Sheppard
F Silver
T W Sizer
L G Smith
P J D Smith
P H Taylor
F D Thompson
C L Tongue
G T Tuckwell
G D Turk
A W Wallace
F A Walton
S G Weatherton
F E Wheeler
F H Wheeler
A Wildash
R F Woodstack
















The 1939-45 War

J R Andrews
K Allen
A T Baker
F A Barnsley
R D Barry
R E Bennett
C A W Biggs
W E Brewster
D J M Bush
S H Bush
D Ia Cartwright
A R Chittenden
P R Clarke
R J Clohosy
W H Conyers
F E Cooke
F Crosier
S G Dore
E R Eastoe
L F Eastoe
P M C Ellis
E E Evershed
K Fairfoull
D R O Ford
S C Fordham
J D Friend
M C Garnish
D R A Garrick

S W Green
P E Guest
F E Harlock
L Harris
B Hayes
N Hayes
V F Hayes
H J Hickman
K R Hipkin
D C Holley
D G How
J K Howarth
P Hunt
F W Hutchinson
I R Johnson
R L Jones
D G Keith
L J L King
D J Kingdon
E G W Lewis
R A Lewis
J S Lobar
C E Norris
A G Palmer
D A L Payne
W E Peterken
B A Read
R B Rhodes
V Richter
H N Rickard
L C Roots
A W Salmon
E H Scott
R W Scott
R Sinclair
R H Smith
F S Snelling
S T Southgate
W J Spicer
H M G Stoffer
L Swain
C A Taylor
C Thomerson
L J Trapp
C W Vincent
R Wharton
R A Whellams
R H Williams
A C R Wilson
E Wingatends

The Falklands War 1982

J Burt