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The Sports were held on Saturday, April 30th, when we were blessed with excellent weather. The afternoon was marked by the brilliant performance of A.E. Gibbins, who won seven open events and carried off the "Victor Ludorum" Cup.

The Inter-Schools Sports were run off this year at Gidea Park. It cannot be said that the Monoux team was particularly successful, though J.S. Eastwell, who won for us the 100 Yards under 17; V.B. Gardiner, who was third in the Under 17 Half-mile; and E.W. Smith, who came third in both the 100 Yards and the Quarter-mile under 17, and was prominent in the Relay Race, must be congratulated on their performances. Nor did the sports as a whole provide us with anything of outstanding interest, except the finish of the Mile under 17, which was really magnificent, and the fight between Ilford, who eventually won the Cup, and Romford, last year's winners, for the first place. The adventure of being conveyed to Gidea Park in private 'buses, however, brightened the day for us considerably.

On March 12th, the Essex Inter-Schools Cross Country Race was run over our senior course at Chingford. In spite of the difficulty and strangeness of the course, King Edward VI. School, Chelmsford, won easily, with Monoux secondfor the fifth time-and Ilford County High School third.
The School Team was: A. E. Gibbins (Captain), H. C. Greaves, V. I-I. Hawthorn, D. J. Lodder, E. M. Sopwith, C. V. Taylor, E. S. Williams, and J. C. Woodruff.