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The fifty-ninth annual Sports was held on Saturday, May 17. As usual the weather was unsettled, with cold winds and fine rain increasing towards the end of the meeting. However, the meeting ran smoothly to its conclusion and an afternoon of keenly contested events was enjoyed, eight new records being established and a number of "A" and "B" standards gained in all age-groups. The meeting was again most efficiently organised by Mr. Ninnim and he is to be congratulated on the fact that this year's Sports Day was the twenty-fifth that he has been responsible for at the School.
The most outstanding event proved to be the Inter-House Team Mile, for which every House turned out a complete team, the result being a most exciting race. Allpass House set up a new record.
This year the School was more than delighted to welcome Mrs. V.J. Stirrup as our Guest of Honour to make the presentation of the trophies to the winners at the end of the meeting. Owing to the poor weather the ceremony had to take place in the School Hall. A happy and unexpected incident at the conclusion of the distribution of awards was the presentation by Mr. A.F. Ninnim to Miss Joan Stirrup of a fully dressed doll in Monoux athletic kit complete with colours and badges.
The School wishes to thank Mr. C.E. Crispin for running training classes in athletics throughout the winter and spring terms. This coaching proved to be a great success and was most encouraging as it was supported by a number of boys from all age-groups. This training was continued to the end of the athletics season. Thanks are also due to Mr. Tunks for his assistance. The results of this training, together with that given by Mr. Ninnim, can be seen in the results below.
In all matters connected with the Sports the School appreciates the keen support of the Staff, not only for their work on the day itself, when they act as officials both on and off the field, but also for their help in organising the House trials.