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After three years it has become almost platitudinous to write in the Monovian that "the efficiency of Mr. Ninnim's organisation once again ensured the success of the School Sports." Nevertheless, few people realise how much work really goes into the organising of Sports Day, how many months of apparently thankless toil in carrying through the preparations and directing the training annually precede the day of the exhibition.
On June 1st the annual conflict between Mr. Ninnim's determination and the malice of the Clerk of the Weather resulted for a third time in a decisive victory for Mr. Ninnim. In spite of a very wet morning, the afternoon's meeting was carried out to time, and moreover, the standard of the performance was very gratifying. Mr. West, at the microphone, added an entirely novel diversion to the proceedings by interspersing his announcements with topical advertisements for the Fete. The catering arrangements for the large and enthusiastic crowd of spectators were admirably carried out by the Ladies' Committee of the Parents' Association. Nor can we omit to mention here the unprecedented keenness of the boys in training for the Sports, and the excellent work of E.E.W.S. Thompson as Athletics Captain.
The number of entries was exceptionally high this year, 399. The competition was keen, and many very fine finishes were seen. Most of all, the distinct improvement in style, particularly in the running over shorter distances, and the fact that no less than eight School records were broken, give cause for renewed optimism concerning the future of Monoux Athletics.
For the first time the House Shield went to Spivey House. J. Farnworth, the Spivey Captain, is to be congratulated both on his own fine performances, and on the enthusiasm and the splendid team spirit he had been able to inspire in the competitors from his House. Allpass House, which has probably the finest record of any in Athletics, was a good second.
The Challenge Cups were awarded as follows:-The " Lady Leucha Warner" Cup ('Half-Mile Senior), to E.E.W.S. Thompson; the "Ladies" Cup (Quarter-Mile Senior), to J. Farnworth; the "Old Monovians" Cup (One Mile Senior), also to J. Farnworth; the "Stewart Hatfield" Cup (Cross Country Senior), to D.R. Vicary. The trophies were presented at the close of the meeting by Mrs. L.M. Anderton, E.C.C., a Governor of the School.

The result of the House Championship was as follows:
1. Spivey House, 141 points
2. Allpass House, 121 points
3. Whittingham House, 107 points
4. Mallinson House, 86 points
5. Morris House, 83 points
6. Higham House, 78 points

The School Relay Team this season has consisted of (1) E.E.W.S. Thompson, (2) K.W. Corder, (3) H.J.W. Wilmshurst, and (4) R.J. Clark or G.H. Scott.
Wilmshurst, Clark, and Scott, although all three were under 15, have put up a splendid performance.
We were placed second in the Invitation Medley Relay Race at Chelmsford early in the year, and fourth in the 220 Yards Invitation Relay at Leyton County High School Sports. We also won the Invitation Medley Relay Race at Leyton Technical College Sports on July 4th, the team on this occasion consisting of: Farnworth (440 yds.), Clark (220 yds.), Wilmshurst. (220 yds.), and Thompson (880 yds.). Thompson gained 3rd place in the 440 Yards Invitation Race for the Malcolm Cup at the Royal Liberty Sports at Romford.
Athletics Colours are now awarded for points: 40 points entitle a runner to his Colours and these can be re-awarded each year. Under this system Corder and Wilmshurst have been awarded their colours, and Thompson has regained his for 1935.