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Series; 1925-79


No. 1 1925

Editor: A. E. Holdsworth Asst. Editor: W. L. Roberts
Lack of funds obliged us to discontinue some years ago the publication of the "Monovian"; but now, with cost of production lower and a greater number of boys in the School, we hope to make the venture permanently successful. It is fitting that the revival of the magazine should come at this moment. We have the feeling that we are marching into a great future: we have just extended a warm welcome to our new Headmaster, Mr. Midgley, who, though he has been with us but a term, has already identified himself in most vital fasshion with our numerous and increasing activities, aiding and encouraging us in all; our numbers are growing, and at long last the fine building which is destined to house them is in process of being built in the Chingford Road; the open scholarships we have won at Oxford, Cambridge, and London arc spreading our reputation well beyond the confines of Walthamstow; and finally, with the formation of a Chess Club by Mr. Morgan and Mr. Broad, a Sixth Form Reading Circle, under the able guidance of Mr. Whitt, our new English Master, whom we greet most cordially, and a strong increase in the growth of the Debating Society, we feel we are devoting more attention to matters which lie beyond the scope of the ordinary school curriculum. Our readers will judge of the merits of this, the first number of the revived magazine. We trust their criticism will he kindly. We have set ourselves a definite standard of literary excellence, and that a high one. We are going to accept only the best, so that it will be an honour for a boy to have an effort of his published in our pages. The "Monovian" will not be an outlet for the irresponsible effusions, poetic or other, of young humorists, but an interesting record of the School's life and a means of expression for the literary instincts of its members.

A.E.H. (Vlth). W.L.R. (VIth).