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Since the School Council was last mentioned in The Monovian it has gone through a difficult period. At the moment of writing, however, it seems to have re-established itself and to have indicated where its usefulness lies. For the best part of two terms business had been continually held up by attempts to amend the constitution. These attempts were eventually successful and the unsatisfactory House representation was replaced by an officially prepared system. Each form in each year from the first to the fifth sends one member, and each House sends two members from its sixth form.
Now that the Council was in closer contact with the School, it was reasonably expected that for a change it would do something useful, or at least, interesting. This it did, in its first meeting, when it was decided to set up a School Council Committee to investigate the state of school societies and recommend action to restore them. This step was taken with two principal motives: to help school societies by co-ordinating them and by giving an impartial and sym-pathetic opinion on them which it was hoped would be received by the School, the Staff, and the societies in the same co-operative spirit that it was given; and to force the School's attention an the School Council.
In the second at least it was successful, and for several weeks the Council was in the pages of The Bulletin and too, in the minds of many people in the School. The aim was, to create, even to contrive a stir, and so to arouse interest in the Council. We may fairly say that in this we were successful !