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President - R. R. Gunton
Secretary - - B. G. Chaplin
During the last three terms, the School Council has continued to meet at regular intervals, and attendance has been maintained at a steady 64 per cent. Discussion has always been lively, and has revealed a keen interest in the School and its workings.
Included in the solid body of work accomplished by the Council during the year were the election of eight monitors and the disposal of various charitable funds, some of which went to the United Nations Children's Organisation, and some to Dr. Barnardo's Homc at Woodford Green. As the result of three motions passed by the Council, a highly successful Rag Concert was held at Christmas, the Monoux Bulletin has been revived, and House Cricket was successfully organised. There have been motions on tennis and table tennis, and a motion wishing the School's football team a success in France was also passed.
The length of the dinner hour and of the afternoon session, the various bells rung during the dinner hour, the state of crockery and cutlery at second dinners, the condition of the towels and soap in the lobbies, and Morning Prayers are questions concerning the internal life of the School which have been discussed and dealt with by the Council. Attendance at Council meetings has been a regular
topic, and a resolution limiting the number of motions to three for one person during a Council meeting has been passed.

B.G. Chaplin

The School Council held three meetings during the autumn term, one of them had to be completed at a second sitting. Motions and questions ranged over a wide variety of subjects and interest remained keen throughout the term. The main handicap to councillors has been the irregularity of House meetings at which to present reports of the School Council.
Many of the motions were accepted and applied. The Council proposed the holding of a mock election at which the parliamentary candidates for East Walthamstow should speak. One of its recommendations for Prefects was accepted: full Colours were made available for chess; a number of suggestions concerning fire precautions are being applied; and T.C.P. has replaced iodine in the first-aid boxes in the science laboratories. The recommendation, "That the School stand when the electric bell is rung in the morning before assembly", has been put into force.
Among the motions defeated were those proposing the formation of a football supporters' club, admitting Fifth Formers in their second year to the status of Sixth Formers, and making less rigid the censorship imposed upon the Bulletin; the latter was defeated by the chairman's casting vote.
Have not the achievements of the School Council during the term proved conclusively that an institution where the School can make recommendations on any subject is a useful one?