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President: D.G.Ridealgh
Secretary; J. Percival
Apart from a short break during the first period of severe flying-bomb attacks, the School Council has met regularly since its inception, announced in our last issue. The attendance, has often been poor, but. an improvement has been noticeable at recent meetings, and the enthusiasm of those who do attend outweighs the general lack of experience in speaking which has not yet been overcome.
The limited space at our disposal does not permit us to give a full account of all business transacted by the Council since its foundation. Full reports of all meetings have appeared in the Monoux Bulletin, and we are able to print here a brief summary of the business transacted.
Ten new monitors have been nominated by the Council, all of whom have received the Headmaster's approval. Well over thirty motions and resolutions have been discussed, covering such varied subjects as the Red Cross Fund, detentions, gym and music periods, the distribution of milk, cycle sheds, General Purposes subscriptions, holidays, School societies, private study, air raids, the Monovian, the School Song and the Rag Concert. Many of these motions were passed by the Council and approved by the Headmaster, and have thus affected the activities of every boy in the School. Several amendments to the Constitution of the Council have also been passed, and the establishment of a separate Junior Council was proposed, but this has not yet been put into effect.
It will be seen that the Council really is having an important and practical effect on the life of the School. Another effect of the Council, rather less obvious, but perhaps even more important,
is that of providing some experience of the methods and practice of democratic goverrunent, an experience which will in later years prove invaluable.