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Chairman: H. Morgan Secretary: B. Hayhow
How long can we tolerate the existence of an organisation which purports to express the sentiments of the community, and instead acts as a pulpit for the flaccid, egotistical ramblings of a score or so potential speakers?
We have endured the pretentious facade of the "council" with all its trivial banal trappings too long; its whole concept must be changed. If not, the formal expression of the School's mass inarticulacy will continue to be pandered to by the policy makers within the "Monoux Family" (sic).
The last school year has seen an abundance of trivial and facetious motions, most of which have been rejected. The standard of speaking is generally lamentable. There is a real NEED for serious discussion and debating societies, one thing is sure, the School Council is neither.
B. Hayhow.