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President: Keith J. Bridge
Secretary: G.G.S. Searle
Meetings have been held at regular intervals and a high standard of debate has been attained. Attendances have been consistently good and the changes in the constitution, which have been proposed seem to show an increasing interest in the affairs of the Council. The President of the Council is now its permanent Chairman, the idea of a member of the Staff filling the chair having been dispensed with after one experimental meeting.
Six more monitors have been elected and motions have been passed on such varying subjects as the changing rooms, dinner hour arrangements, House football, visitors to the Council, School tie and the rules of debate. The detention system, the School library, table-tennis, the Rag Concert and the "Save Europe Now" appeal have also come under the consideration of the Council.
The Council's last meeting before the Easter holiday was an extraordinary one convened for the special purpose of sending a valedictory message to the Headmaster. Old Monovians will recall that it was Mr. Elam who founded the School Council in the early part of 1944, and it was felt that by means of such a message the Council could convey its appreciation to him in the most appropriate manner.