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Chairman: G. M. STAINES
Secretary: R. C. GIRARD
The idea which prompted the foundation of the School Council is indeed praiseworthy; the idea that representatives from all levels of the School should meet periodically to discuss motions that they felt would improve the School; the idea that the boys themselves should have a voice in School affairs. These thoughts are admirable and their originator is to be applauded. But, like so many institutions around us, the School Council, which started with such high ideals, is hastily approaching obscurity. It is regretted that the Council has deteriorated into a meeting where members delight in holding the floor for a long period, saying as little relevant as possible. Perhaps this has mainly accounted for the poor attendance throughout the year. Fortunately, however, there is a small band whose sense of duty and realisation of the importance the School Council have led them to introduce several measures that have proved extremely worthwhile. The future of the School Council rests with these few members and one can only hope that by their example more people will realise the need to raise standards of debate and not let this excellent institution fall to the ground.
The more sensible proposals this year, which clearly illustrated the Council's possibilities, included motions concerning fire appliances, the improvement of classrooms, revision of the constitution and School routine.