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Valete 1948

R.P. (PAT) HASTINGS, 1940-47 (School Captain, 1947; Prefect, 1945-47; President of the School Council; Captain of Whittingham House; Secretary of the Dramatic Society; Swimming Captain; 1st XT Cricket Colours; Ciptain 2nd XI Football, 1944-45).

"Pat" proved to be a, most popular School Captain excelling himself in many branches of the School's activities, A good all-round sportsman he concentrated an swimming in his last years at School, breaking several School records and even representing Essex. He appeared in many productions of the Dramatic Society both as actor and producer; and was a most enthusiastic lover of music. He is now in the R.A.E.C. and we wish him every success.

John A. Bastin; 1940-48 (Prefect, 1946-48; Captain of Spivey House; member of the Dramatic Society and the Art Club).
Bastin will be remembered chiefly for his outstanding academic ability. Winning a State Scholarship in Science in July, he went on to win an Open Scholarship in Natural Science at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, last Christmas. Since then he has worked extremely hard, teaching maths. throughout the School during the prolonged illness of Mr. E. D. Morgan.
Outside the classroom and laboratory Bastin made himself very popular by his keeness as Captain of his House, by his activity with the Inter-Schools Group, by his love of music and, above all, by his enthusiasm for dramatics. He will be remembered as the murderer in The Fourth Wall, as the minister in The Devil's Disciple and as Rufio in Caesar and Cleopatra. It is the wish of all that his service in the Royal Navy will be a pleasant forerunner of a university career of continuing success.

Cecil M. Collins; 1940-47 (Prefect, 1947; Secretary to the School Council, the Inter-Schools Discussion Group and the Dramatic Society; 2nd XI Football and Cricket).
Always foremost in any of the School's discussions Collins has left us convinced of his undisputed. ability as a talker. A most keen member of the Dramatic Society he played many roles in School productions. Liked by all who were fortunate to know him well, Collins is now with the Army in S.E. England.

Dennis W. Harvey, 1940-47 (Prefect, 1947; member of the Science Society.)
Under a very quiet and unassuming exterior Harvey concealed, a most likeable character. Last summer he proved his scientific ability by winning an excellent Higher School Certificate but so far he has been denied the reward he merits. As he hopes to make some form of engineering his career he is working at present for Asea,

Alvin G. Hellman, 1940-48 (Prefect, 1946-48 ; School Librarian, 1946-47; Secretary of the Dramatic Society and the Badminton Society).
In his last months at School everyone, knew Hellman for his tremendous mop of hair. He was known, too, for in enthusiasm for dramatics, for his sound work as School Librarian, for his many and knowledgeable defences of the ballet, and for his well reasoned arguments in all School discussions. Outside School Hellman astounded the Inter-Schools Group with his "processes of dialectical ratiocination." All who knew him liked and admired Alvin and we wish him a happy future.

Roy Munday; 1940-48 (Prefect, 1947-48 ; 1st XI Cricket; 2nd :XI Football; member of the Dramatic Society).
Munday's huge figure was known to everyone. A good sportsman with an aptitude for Spanish and a deep-seated love of music, he enjoyed a well-deserved popularity. He has now begun his career in the Fleet Air Arm and we wish him every success in the years to come. ,

Kenneth C. Tamplin, 1940-48 (Prefect, 1946-48; Football. Captain, 1947-48; lst XI Cricket; Captain of 2nd XI Cricket, 1946).
Tamplin, although very reserved, was deservedly very popular. A good footballer and cricketer, he played with enthusiasm and ability. He is now in the Army and we wish him every success when he is able to continue his hitherto bright career in the Civil Service.