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President: Mr. V. J. Stirrup Chairman: M.S. Wiseman Secretary: P.C. Lawrence
Recorder: R. I. McAllister Vice-Vice-President: M. A. G. Holtham Upper Sixth Representative: D. Lucas Lower Sixth Representative: D. Gilmore
So far this term (at the time of writing), the Circle has had six meetings. After an initial meeting of the current members, applicants for admission were "put through" the traditional "One Minute, Please", where they had to talk for one minute on subjects such as, "Is marriage here to stay", and "the relationship between the second law of thermal dynamics and school dinners"; this meeting had of course many humorous, and uninspiring moments.
At the next meeting the current members voted the applicants in (or out), finally leaving places for five more members (applications have now been made for these places).
The purpose of the two following meetings was to elect new officers for the 1966-7 session. There was some difficulty in finding a quorum for these meetings, but even with some members absent, elections were carried out, the committee being elected as above.
The committee met to decide on policy for future meetings, which would include a debate, a "Tall Stories Evening", a Balloon Debate, a lecture and a "Face to Face". There was some disagreement at this meeting, and at the next business meeting, over the use of funds, but there seemed to be general approval for the suggestion of inviting girls from the Walthamstow High School to the Circle's future meetings (whether or not the High School had a similar society).
Following this business meeting on November 10th there was the Circle's first active meeting; this was in the form of a "Face to Face", the masters involved being; Mr. Moffatt, Mr. Groom, Mr. Partridge, Mademoiselle Fohr, and Mr. Kirkland. This meeting was very well attended, and personally, I think that the entertainment justified the attendance; interesting views were heard on subjects ranging from the School Song, to Englishmen's facade; from alcohol for beginners to television watching as a hobby. The meeting unfortunately had to be brought to an end in the middle of an interview as indulgence in the other interviews had brought us to our time limit. On behalf of the Circle, I would like to thank those members of staff concerned, as well as their interviewers
We hope that future meetings will be as successful as the last one.
M. S. Wiseman, 6iiS