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The opening meeting of the Circle in the Spring Term, 1961, the form of a talk given by the French assistante, Mlle. Deville. It was entitled "The differences between the youth of Great Britain, France, and the United States," and Mlle. Deville's considerable eloquence and charm made it a delightful and informative experience for all those present.
Towards the end of February, two dozen of the Circle's members visitedThe Cambridge Theatre to see an evening performance of Billy Liar which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The next meeting was a staff debate - the motion, proposed by Messers. Marshall and Couch and opposed by Messrs. Rudkins and Belcher, was that "the New Scientist is preferable to the Statesman." Although this was obviously a cloak for an 'arts versus science' debate, the unusual reversal of the personnel involved turned it into a highly entertaining affair and the motion itself was carried.
_The concluding meeting of the term was an informal social evening held on the last Monday of the term and attended by thirty-five of our members. The programme included a series of informal speeches, refreshments and a raffle and this provided a fitting ending to this year's Senior Circle activities.
(The remainder of the meetings were house debates, described elsewhere in this isssue).
Our thanks are due to Messrs. Couch, Rudkins, Marshall, and Shaw for officiating and adjudicating our various meetings, and to Mr Tomlin and his assistants for facilitating the use of rooms.