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The 93rd meeting of the Society was held in the Library on Thursday, November 6th. D.Thomson, proposing the motion that, "in the opinion of this House, the New Despotism is that of the Doctor," gave many examples of the 'Tyranny of Hygiene,' and deplored this latest infringement of the Rights of Man. The oppnser, G.A.Barnard, argued that since the despotism of the doctor was benevolent in intention, it was justifiable. The motion was lost by 23 votes against 7.
At the next meeting, held in the Assembly Hall on November 20th, K.E.Robinson proposed, to a vastly augmented and excited audience, that "Boys and Girls should be educated together." He argued that co-education was natural, educationally sounder, and had been proved entirely practicable. Moreover the alarming psychological abnormalities prevalent among children were, at the very least, greatly aggravated by the present system. In opposition, many imaginary difficulties were suggested, but no attempt was made to refute the facts adduced by the proposer, though the meeting was obviously strongly opposed to the motion, as was shown by its rejection by 40 votes to 22.
The next meeting was held in the Assembly Hall on Tuesday, January 22nd, when P.A.Timberlake proposed, and S.C.Moppett opposed the motion that "Homework should bc abolished." No new ideas made their appearance in the debate on this well-worn subject.
The motions for the past two years have always been chosen with the idea that the true function of a School Debating Society is to produce speakers who can express themselves clearly and without stammering in public. Some members who complain of the "childishness" of our subjects maintain that it should be a home of profound thought. From our knowledge of these individuals we can only suppose that their own thought is so profound as to be inexpressible. Subjects such as have been chosen in the last two years have at least the virtue of precluding the possibility of disguising, by the use of high-sounding phrases, the confusion and illogicality of thought rampant among our self-styled intelligentsia.
K,E.R. (VI. Lit.).

The Debating Society, bereft of so many of its old supporters, E.R.H.Timms, D.Thomson, K.E.Robinson and others, has lapsed temporarily into a state of lethargic inactivity. It is to be hoped that boys will realise that their position as intelligent schoolboys demands that they should belong to the Society. The circumstance of having nothing to say should deter no one: attendance is the cure for that malady.
The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on Tuesday, September 22nd. R.J.North was elected Chair-man, E.W.Scott, Secretary, and G.A.Barnard, Assistant Secretary. C.S.Bayes, D.A.Lothian, and R.S.Smith were elected to the Committee. G.A.B. (VI. Sc.).