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1948; Music Recital


A recital was given on Tuesday morning, the 2nd of March, by three outstanding artistes: Mr. Adler (violin and viola): Mr. Hughes (bassoon); and Miss Riddle (piano). It was received with great pleasure by the whole School. The soloists prefaced their performances with introductory remarks of great value about their instruments; we all feel now that we know something, at least, about the bassoon and the origin of the violin.
The programme began with an Air by Purcell played on the viola by Mr. Adler. This was followed by Brahm's Hungarian Dance, No. 2, played on the violin with considerable expression and fire; this work especially showed to its best advantage the brilliant technique of Mr. Adler.
Mr. Hughes explained the chief features of the bassoon and continued by playing a theme and variation on the well-known tune Lucy Long. A semi-humorous work, this was very popular with the School. Mr. Adler followed with a set of variations by Corelli in which the accompanist showed her full worth. In this long and difficult solo Mr. Adler's execution of the spiccato passages was especially excellent.
The first movement of Mozart's Concerto for Bassoon was well performed by Mr.Hughes, and Mr. Adler concluded the recital with A Piece in Olden Style, by Fritz Kreisler, which he played with vigour and conviction.
Special mention must be made of Miss Riddle, who, in the Headmaster's words, was "self-effacing but the perfect accompanist." She followed the soloists accurately at all times. A solo performance by Miss Riddle should, we feel, have been included, so that she could reveal her ability in this direction.
The recital was appreciated to the full by the whole School, as their applause testified. We hope that such recitals will become more frequent in future so that music appreciation will become more widespread in the School.