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1946; Music Notes


The Summer term is not usually a time for music-making, and last term was no exception to the general rule. However, the choir did hold a few practices during the mid-morning periods in the early part of the term. These were discontinued later and there is some leeway to make up. Too many of our members are unwilling to put in a half-hour weekly even, in some cases after having promised to do so. Regular practices and help given by more fourth and fifth-formers would make a great difference and would justify the somewhat arduous tasks involved in overcoming difficulties occasioned by inability to obtain music. Those whose attendance is regular have realised that making music is both useful and pleasant, bringing an understanding and appreciation of the art which listening can never achieve. Some of our choir members add further to their knowledge and appreciation by using the piano and gramophone in Room 1 during the dinner hour.
The violin classes continue to make great strides and we hope for great things in the orchestral direction in the near future. There is room for new members, and boys interested should see Mr. Belchambers.
Mr. Adler's recital at the end of last term consisted of a Corelli sonata, a group of dance tunes, and the Dvorak sonata. Mr. Adler was in exceptionally good form, his playing was enthusiastically received, and rightly so. His explanatory remarks. as well as adding to the general understanding, gave the School an indication of that charm of manner which inspires in his pupils a warm affection equalled only by their admiration for his qualities as a performer.