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During the last term we had more frequent and more enjoyable soccer matches than in the corresponding term last year, and in view of the fact that we now have no 'gym.', they were a great help in keeping us fit.
The First XI. played six matches, three of which were won, two lost, and one drawn. The standard of football played was fairly high, though of course not up to peace-time class. Both games played against Kington Grammar School were won easily, and these were actually the only instances in which we could test ourselves against another Secondary School. In the first match, at Kington, we won by six goals to nil; Lewis (playing at out-side-left), scored a 'hat-trick,' and Willmer scored with a magnificent drive from about 30 yards. In the return match the margin was narrower: three goals to one, but the win was easier than the score suggests, for the School was attacking throughout the game.
Of three games played against the Army, two were lost, one lamentably, and one drawn. Superior weight told in every case; in one match we managed to get into the lead after being 5-2 down, but could do no better than draw. On another occasion we were holding them to a draw till ten minutes from the end, when they broke away and scored twice.
The other game was against Lancing College, evacuated to Ludlow. We played their Second X1., and won a closely contested game by six goals to five. The forwards played neat football, and the passing was extremely accurate. The defence was generally sound, but could not hold spasmodic break-aways by the Lancing forwards.
The House Competition was interesting to the end, Spivey being the winners and Mallinson the runners-up. Considerable keenness was shown in this competition, and though the standard of play was not very high, the matches were enjoyed by most of the seniors.
This term, after a rainy beginning, we have, at the time of going to print, played several matches, nearly all against the Army. The first of these games, played under atrocious conditions, we lost 4-0, largely because both attack and defence persistently misjudged the ball on the greasy surface. The second, against another Company, we won 5-2, with even greater ease than the score suggests; but the following week, against a much stronger side, we were held to a draw, six goals each, after we had led by 6 goals to 3. This recovery on the part of our opponents may be attributed to our failure to last the pace and a certain slackness in the defence throughout. Our most recent encounter was with the team to which we had lost previously in the mud, and on this occasion we took ample revenge by beating them, 9 goals to 2.
Our only match with another school was played against Westminster, whom we beat 5-3 in a game of missed chances on our part. The forwards scored one goal each.
The team has not, of course, been up to peace-time standards; indeed, on the only occasion on which it has played at home, it was much below form, though several of our 'regulars' were missing; but to have got a side as good as ours from such a small school is, I think, no mean achievement, and says a lot for the enthusiasm of the boys.
Regular members of the team were: -Jeffries,: Ridgway. Ridealgh: Willmer. Gillingham Smith, R., Norfolk. Cook. Insole, Browne, Lewis.