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From 1903 to 1914, Mr. W. Spivey, M.A., a colleague of Mr. Allpass from 1888, was the headmaster, and he did all in his power to continue the traditions of the institution. He, however, laboured under great difficulties, and found the resources and staff quite inadequate to keep the school in a state of thorough efficiency. Dr. M. Sadler, who made a report on the school in 1906, (There were then 193 boys in the School. The net income from endowments was £146 7s. ; the Essex Connty Council grant was £250 ; and that of the Board of Education £387. 16)* said that Mr. Spivey "deserves high praise for the pluck and tenacity with which he has contended against adverse conditions, and for the unremitting care which he has devoted to his duties." The governors were unable to provide the funds for the necessary increase of staff and for the proper payment of the masters ; and, as a result, the constant demands of the Board of Education made Mr. Spivey's work very difficult. He fought bravely, however, till the end came in August, 1914. Mr. Spivey's friends and old Monovians have placed a bronze tablet to his memory in the school, and the following is the inscription on it :-
"Sir George Monoux Grammar School. This tablet was erected by Old Monovians in affectionate memory of WILLIAM FRANCIS SPIVEY, M.A., Assistant Master 1888 to 1903. Head Master 1903 to 1914. Died 30th August, 1914. Aged 47 years. ' A good life hath but few days, but a good name endureth for ever."'
The governors then appointed Mr. A. H. Prowse as Acting Headmaster. He had entered the school as Senior Mathematical Master in 1892, and had assisted the school in many ways. It was under the care of Mr. Prowse that the school was conducted till July, 1916, when it was transferred to the Essex County Council. At that time there were i75 pupils on the books, of whom 19 were minor scholars and five were on the foundation. The transfer of the Monoux School was completed when the following were the governors :-Rev. H. D. Lampen, M.A. (Chairman), and Messrs. W. M. Beck (Vice-Chairman), F. J. Hitchman (Treasurer), A. Attwell, J.P., H. Chappell, G. E. Clarke, F. W. Cross, J. Higham, T. How, J. Lyne, W. McCall, E. C. Seear, C. Watkins, and Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. G. Reeve. The clerk to the governors was Mr. T. S. Taylor, who had held this position for a period of nineteen years. It is only right and proper that these names should be recorded in this monograph, for it is owing to their action that this old Foundation starts on a new career to meet the educational needs of our town.