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The First XI had a very successful season in 1947, losing one match out of ten and drawing two. In recent years the shortness of matches has given rise to a regrettably large number of drawn games but the fact of having to complete a match in two or three hours did not prevent the School team from forcing a win on many occasions. The side was a little uneven at first, and a tendency was shown throughout the season to rely on the first six batsmen, and the one lost game showed the inability of the rest of the team to score runs when needed.
The bowling though showing little variation of pace, was uniformly successful, but the presence of a slow left-hand bowler would have provided a useful variation. The team's fielding was generally good, and on two occasions, against Shoreditch and Hackney Downs, the excellence of the fielding won the match.
The matches against Shoreditch Training College were a successful innovation, unfortunately only a temporary one. Their cricket captain was B.A. Williams, who, while he was at the School, was a prominent cricketer.
It is to be hoped that next year the weather will allow games early in the season as this year at least four games had to be cancelled, and the abbreviated season did not permit the team to reach its best form until the very end.