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As far as our cricket was concerned 1928 was a lean year. We began the season with five Colours, but W. O. Jennings played in only one match, F.H.C.Bird completely lost his form, and illness kept W.L.Roberts out of the team for most of June. As a result our team was rather lacking in experience, and the continual changes that were necessary prevented it from settling down. The bowling, the brunt of which was borne by R.H.Ayers and W.L.Roberts, was adequate without being brilliant; the batting depended too much on S.H.Bush and J.W.L.Deane, and was liable to collapse sudden and complete; the fielding, with few exceptions, was weak and timid, and sometimes threw away advantages gained by improved batting. This weakness was the more unfortunate because we had a number of new fixtures, all of which provided us with enjoyable games, and which we hope will become permanent. However, at the end of the season there were signs of improvement, which promise well for next year.
We wish to express to Mr. Morgan our appreciation of the interest he has taken in the team and his kindness in umpiring our away matches.