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1934; Dramatic Society


The active and all-embracing nature of the Dramatic Society was well illustrated at the end of last term by the success of the plays performed as part of the breaking-up celebrations. Five plays, all humorous, were presented. The performers ranged from the Second to the Fifth Forms, and the improvement on a similar entertainment at Christmas, 1932, was most noticeable.
The choice of plays was more suitable and the acting and clearness of speech were greatly improved. The audience enthusiastically applauded each play, and the Society is justifiably proud of being able to entertain the whole School for two and a half hours.
A select party of four went to the People's Theatre, St. Pancras, to see Rodney Ackland's Strange Orchestra, but (owing to the bad attendance) no further visits have been arranged.
After much discussion, the Committee decided upon Twelth Night as the March play, and rehearsals are being held several times a week. Messrs. Whitt, Hyde, and Brobyn are in charge, and the Society is confident of a successful production.
The large cast employs many members of the Society, and those left over will doubtless be glad to assist in making our intrepid Shakespearian venture go down in the annals of the Society as a great success.