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This year, the 1st XI began the season in the fortunate position of having only one player who had played no previous 1st XI cricket. It was to be expected, therefore, that the season would be, at least, a fairly successful one. Though this was indeed the case, perhaps one of the chief features of the season was the weather, which led to two matches being cancelled and four more abandoned owing to rain, while several others were seriously interrupted.
In spite of the unfortunate weather, the season was a successful and enjoyable one, in which we had some very interesting and exciting games; particularly memorable were those against Chingford, when we won by 1 run, and against Mr. Miles' XI when we lost by 2 runs. But perhaps the best game of the season, from all points of view, was that against Forest.
The side's chief weakness was again its fielding, so that the bowlers were again hampered by the number of dropped catches. The chief weakness of the batting was the failure to find a regular and reliable number 3. Though the side always played well together, our success must once again be largely attributed to the all-round ability of Black and Brown, who opened both hitting and bowling in all but one of the matches. We were fortunate to possess two players of such quality and consistency.
Finally, the thanks of myself and the rest of the team are due to all those who helped us during the season: to Mr. Waterman and his assistant; to the mothers who prepared the cricket teas; to those members of the School who scored for us from time to time; to the members of Staff who umpired our games; and especially to Mr. Miles, who always gives up so much of his spare time for our benefit and without whom no 1st XI would function. To all these, I wish to convey the thanks of the 1st XI, and, to the 1st XI I wish to convey my thanks for all their help in making the season such an enjoyable one.