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As far as results go, the past cricket season could, I suppose, be called successful. Unfortunately, however, it came as a complete anti-climax to those of the l st XI. who had been at Leominster. There was not the same enthusiasm, nor in fact were the facilities as good as those we had been accustomed to in the previous three years.
The School, in an effort to re-establish itself in the district, was given a reasonably good start by its cricket team, which lost only two matches, one to Romford, and the other to Mr. Morgan's XI, which contained several well-known club cricketers. Nevertheless, despite this good record, the team did not play nearly as well as in the two previous seasons, though the wickets were far inferior to those we had experienced.
Of the team itself one can say that the batting was its weakness, too much dependence being placed on one or two people. The bowling was steady, but generally lacking in fire, and the fielding was very good, both on the ground and in the air.
We have been fortunate during the last three seasons in being able to call upon practically the same team, but we have lost, or shall be losing, several of our most prominent members, and look to the IVth and Vth forms to fill the gaps.