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Remembrance Service, Friday, 9th November, 2018




There was a good attendance at yesterday's ceremony.

Mark Hough led the proceedings and involved several others including two students.

We were delighted to see Steve who played Last Post and Reveille.

I asked John Edwards to lay the wreath this year, not actually an OM himself but his brother Bill was. He was wearing Bill's medals.

Brian Westbury laid the Jewish wreath as Mrs Burt, mother of Jason was unable to join us due to ill health.

Afterwards, I was told by John that he noted the name of P R Clarke on the WW2 memorial and told me that he knew him from their youth club and they had joined up for action at a similar time. John joined the navy and is alive in his 90s to tell the tale. Sadly, Peter Clarke joined the army and was killed in Normandy a week or so after D Day.

Thanks to everyone who took part or were there and of course to Tracy and the College for their hospitality.