School Council - 1955




The attendance at meetings has fluctuated, but the motions and discussion have remained intelligent and spirited.
The following motions have been passed by the School Council in recent months: "That the pictures in the bottom corridor be changed "; "That football teams be supplied with better teas "; "That there should be some method of cancelling six-bells"; "That the bell at the bottom of the Bastille be moved to the top"; "That it be made a point of the constitution that a clear week's notice be given of a School Council meeting"; "That a junior and senior table-tennis team be formed"; and "That Question Time during Council meetings be open to dismssion".
The School Council deserves the support of every boy. It performs a unique function in the School, for by this means alone can boys effectively ensure that they have a say, albeit small, in the smooth running of the School. It acts as intermediary between Staff and boys, and thus creates a feeling of collective responsibility and a communal sense, which are essential if the School is not to degenerate into an impersonal instruction centre such as we sometimes find, for example, on the Continent.

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